Dr. Scott Howerton

Dr. Scott Howerton is not just a dentist; he is the embodiment of a time-honored family legacy in the field of dentistry. A third-generation dentist, Dr. Howerton brings a unique blend of expertise, passion, and commitment to his practice, ensuring that his hometown of Vero Beach receives top-tier dental care for years to come.

Born and raised in the picturesque town of Vero Beach, Dr. Howerton’s roots run deep in the community. His early exposure to the art and science of dentistry came through the stories of his grandfather and uncle, both accomplished dentists in their own right. Inspired by their dedication to oral health and patient well-being, Dr. Howerton set his sights on following in their footsteps.

Dr. Howerton’s journey to becoming a dentist led him to the esteemed University of Florida College of Dentistry, where he honed his skills under the tutelage of renowned dental educators. His time at the university not only equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of modern dental practices but also instilled in him a deep sense of responsibility towards his patients.

After years of rigorous study and hands-on training, Dr. Howerton is now returning to his beloved hometown with a wealth of knowledge and a burning passion to serve the community he holds dear. His vision is to create a dental practice that seamlessly combines the latest advancements in dentistry with the warmth and familiarity of a family atmosphere.

As he steps into his uncle Dr. Brooks’ and grandfather’s shoes, Dr. Howerton is committed to upholding the family legacy of excellence. With a gentle chairside manner and a genuine concern for his patients’ well-being, he aims to make every dental visit a comfortable and positive experience. From routine check-ups to complex procedures, Dr. Howerton’s patients can expect to receive personalized care tailored to their unique needs.

Beyond his technical prowess, Dr. Howerton is deeply invested in staying at the forefront of dental innovation. He is an advocate for continuing education and is dedicated to refining his skills to provide the best possible care. By blending tradition with modernity, he is determined to offer his patients the most effective and efficient treatments available. As a third-generation dentist, Dr. Howerton is not just continuing a legacy; he is forging his own path while honoring the traditions that have shaped him.

Tiffany, Business Assistant

A cherished hometown native, embarked on journeys after high school, yet her heart led her back to the embrace of her family and community. A devoted mother to an endlessly charming young boy, Tiffany finds abundant joy in his laughter and the radiant smiles they share.

Her dental voyage was inspired by her lifelong confidante, Lauren – our esteemed hygienist and Tiffany’s steadfast best friend since high school. As the welcoming face of our office, Tiffany, in her role as Business Assistant, ensures that your experience begins and concludes with genuine warmth.

Dedication resonates in Tiffany’s every action, as she diligently crafts an inviting atmosphere for your visit. Beyond her professional passion, Tiffany embraces an active lifestyle, relishing invigorating workouts and basking in the sun-kissed splendor of Florida.
With Tiffany, your journey at our practice is not just a visit; it’s an invitation to become part of our extended dental family.

Lauren, Dental Hygienist

Born in Sebastian, Florida, Lauren has deep roots in dentistry. Her family includes her accomplished brother, Dr. Scott Howerton, her mother, a dedicated dental hygienist at Hometown Smiles, and her father, a skilled dental lab technician.

While Lauren enjoys domestic life, her adventurous spirit has taken her around the world. From Times Square to the Caribbean Islands, her journeys have created a rich tapestry of experiences. Yet, her Florida home’s beaches remain her true sanctuary.

Finding peace in the Carolina Mountains with her husband and son, Kroy, Lauren returned to her roots after studying at Broward College, earning her Dental Hygiene Degree in 2015.

Before becoming a lead hygienist, Lauren worked as a dental assistant under Dr. Brooks, her uncle and mentor. She creates a comforting environment for even the most anxious patients.

Lauren’s goal is to protect the oral well-being of Indian River’s residents, continuing her family’s legacy of care and devotion in dentistry.

Norma, Dental Hygienist

Her journey began in Tokyo, Japan, as part of an Air Force family, where her father served as a dentist. Her life became a global adventure, taking her from Madison, Wisconsin, to Rome, New York, Ankara, Turkey, and Concord, Massachusetts, before finding her home in the warm embrace of Satellite Beach, Florida.

After graduating high school in Satellite Beach, she pursued higher education in Pensacola, Florida, earning a Degree in Dental Hygiene. With years of dental hygiene expertise and a bright outlook on life, Norma is a valuable asset to our practice. She firmly believes that laughter is a powerful elixir for the soul.

Norma’s heart belongs to her husband, Ed, a true Florida native, and their beautiful family. Alongside her daughter, Lauren, a fellow Dental Hygienist at Hometown Smiles, and her son, Dr. Scott Howerton, a recent graduate from the University of Florida’s College of Dentistry, Norma’s family forms a deep connection.

When not dedicating herself to dentistry, Norma enjoys cherished moments with her loved ones, whether it’s the serene beaches, the poolside tranquility, or simply basking in the company of family.

Norma brings not only her extensive dental experience but also a sense of warmth and laughter that enriches our practice. Her dedication, coupled with her genuine joy for life, adds an invaluable touch to the care she provides.

Edward, Lab Technician

A proud Floridian born and raised in Vero Beach, is deeply connected to his Sunshine State roots. Married to Norma, one of our dental hygienists at Hometown Smiles, they’re a family devoted to dentistry. Their children, Lauren and Dr. Scott Howerton, both thriving in dental careers, complete their circle.

Florida’s charm isn’t lost on Ed, who relishes its offerings. Outside work, he’s drawn to the water for fishing and boating. An adventurer at heart, he once pursued the elusive 1000-pound Marlin in Hawaii—a dream fulfilled through the experience itself.

Ed’s dental journey began after marrying into a dental family. Dr. Brooks mentored him, and Ed found his niche in our dental lab. There, he crafts everything from same-day crowns to orthodontic appliances, night guards, and bleaching trays. Our in-house lab ensures top-notch care.

With a focus on serving patients, Ed aims to assist with partial and denture needs. His commitment to quality and family values is at the core of his role in our practice.

Brittany, Dental Assistant

A Vero Beach native through and through, Brittany’s heart beats in rhythm with Florida’s beauty. Her roots run deep, and the sands of her hometown are her playground.

Setting her compass toward dentistry in 2014, Brittany found her calling in Pediatric dentistry—a passion that has grown with time. Her thirst for knowledge drives her, pushing her to expand her horizons and deepen her dental expertise.

Off-duty, Brittany embraces motherhood with open arms, cherishing every moment with her son, Gavin. A shopaholic at heart, she finds joy in retail therapy, and her adventurous spirit leads her to travel and stay fit.

Brittany’s vibrant personality effortlessly connects with others, and her warm, welcoming nature creates an environment where patients feel right at home. As she embarks on this new dental journey, her eagerness to meet and greet patients promises a future filled with comfort and care.